Wherever You Are from Michael Thomason on Vimeo.

The maggot gives its gift, the fly, from freedom;
The fly gives its gift, the maggot, from freedom.
The lovers - the parent/child - dance with each other in discordant time, never touching.
They act for an unknown future that they wouldn’t dare to define.

When they wake from their slumber they recall not reason,
But they act in ultimate faith, ignoring the products of their embrace:
‘Discourse is not life; its time is not yours’

Thanks to Lynda Laird, Edmund Clarke, Max Houghton and Brian Griffin for their help and encouragement in the process of making this video. And big up to the true gentlemen of the maggot farm who put up with me shoving a camera in their direction and making a nuisance of myself in their place of work.

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